Park City Is The Place To Move To During COVID 19

Park City Is The Place To Move To During COVID 19

Over recent months, there has been an increase in demand for real estate in Park City and other similar markets nationwide. However, there is also limited supply in these luxury markets.
To help you see why the desire for luxury vacation real estate is rising, and why now may be the right time to sell your Park City property, your local Park City realtors are here to explain some of the potential factors.

Desire For Ideal Placed Social Distancing Vacation Homes

With the continued need to maintain social distance and many popular cities remaining closed down, there isn’t as high an appeal to choose a vacation home in more populated areas. But Park City generally maintains a population under 8,000 people, according to the last census.
Along with having a smaller population, Park City has an ideal setting for those individuals looking to spend their summer outside without crowding with others. As this town is located in the Wasatch Mountain Range, residents and vacationers can enjoy next to endless exploration.
Whether someone wants to hike through hundreds of miles of trails, go on scenic drives, picnic in mountain meadows, take a ski lift up with their mountain bike, they can do all these things in Park City and so much more.

Shift To Remote Working Allows Relocation Freedom

As companies shifted from working in offices to remote work due to the pandemic, many of the largest tech companies—such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.—are looking to make the move permanent. This lack of being tied to one location frees up those who would prefer to live in less congested areas, like Park City.
Not only is this town a beautiful area to live and work, but when buying a home in Park City, buyers get easy access to the Salt Lake International Airport. So, if they do need to go back to the corporate offices for important meetings, it is easy to catch a flight after a short drive.

Restricted Travel Options Keep Americans Looking At Local Options

The early months of the COVID-19 pandemic saw many countries close their borders to international travel. Some of those restrictions have eased for neighboring countries, but in many cases, Americans are still highly restricted in their travel options due to the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus in the US.
With continued international travel restrictions, Americans who would have spent their summers internationally have turned to domestic luxury real estate areas like Park City. That way, they can escape from overheated, closed-down cities to their private vacation homes.

Preference For Established Vacation Spots

Those individuals who are interested in purchasing a vacation home in a mountainous area could always buy a private cabin out in the wilds. But, a significant appeal of Park City is the fact that it is an established premier vacation spot. Not only is a buyer investing in a vacation home, but they also get to enjoy the amenities of a real town rather than dealing with more remote accommodations.
Even with some COVID-19 restrictions in place, Park City still has plenty to offer visitors, residents, and vacationers. From five-star dining to retrofitted open-air shopping, there is plenty to attract those individuals looking for a vacation property.

Sell Your Park City Property

As more people look to luxury real estate markets for an escape from their quarantine cities, now may be better than ever to list your Park City property for sale, which you can turn to Jensen and Company for help to accomplish. With our experienced staff and marketing resources, we can get your unique property in front of the right eyes. Also, we have a full suite of remote services so that your home selling process can be taken care of safely.
So, if you are ready to sell your Park City home, you can contact us to start working with our experienced realtor. 

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