Selling in Spring: A Few Expert Tips for Listing This Time of Year

Selling in Spring: A Few Expert Tips for Listing This Time of Year

As spring starts to emerge, you may be thinking that it’s time to list your home for sale but aren’t sure what to do to help your property stand out. Well, you are in luck—your Park City Realtors® Jensen and Company are here to provide you with a few expert tips on what you should do when listing your house in the spring.

Start By Decluttering

Winter tends to leave homes with extra knick-knacks and other items that can make homes look smaller. Sometimes, if you have really been putting it off, there may be some Christmas decorations still hanging around when spring comes. So, the best place to start is to declutter your home.
The more you can remove, the better, as it allows potential homebuyers to better visualize themselves in your home. Some key areas to curate are:
  • Storage areas and hallways – Take hangings and decor out of the hallways to help them appear more open, and take out what you can from your storage areas like the linen closet, garage, pantry, etc. That way, buyers can see there is plenty of storage space for their things and so that the hallways don’t feel cramped.
  • Front room and living room – The front room is the first room in your home that homebuyers will see, so setting an impression of a clean, spacious room is important. Living rooms are other key areas of the home where buyers can envision spending time with family and friends. From these two rooms, remove small decor, photos, art—aside from larger statement pieces that tie the room together—mismatched books, movies, and other things that leave an impression of clutter.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms – When it comes to the bathrooms and kitchen, the most important factor is cleanliness. Kitchens with packed cupboards, covered counters, and covered refrigerators don’t give the best appearance. Same with bathrooms with full mirror cabinets, multiple types of hand soap, etc. Curate these areas to help give viewers a tidy and clean impression.
If needed, you can always get a storage unit where you can tuck away excess belongings while your home is on the market.

Invest Time Into Deep Cleaning

Once the clutter and personalizing touches have been taken out of your home, it is time to deep clean. Starting from the ceiling—and crown molding if you have it—work your way down. Blinds, curtains, and windows should be next, and dusting these areas should help you see if any patching or fresh paint is needed to liven up your home. It may be worth your time to bring in a professional cleaning company to tackle your home’s deep cleaning.
Also, if you have hardwood floors, having them cleaned and professionally resealed can make a significant positive impression on those who will view your home. For those with carpeting or tile, a professional cleaning can refresh your flooring.

Hire An Experienced Real Estate Agent

One of the best investments you can make when it comes to selling your home is hiring an experienced real estate agent. For one thing, when you hire a real estate agent like Brad Jensen, you don’t have to worry about the visibility of your home. With the extensive marketing resources Jensen and Company and Coldwell Banker have available, we can get your property out there, and in front of the right homebuyers. Other benefits of working with an experienced realtor on the sale of your home are:
  • Combine education and experience regarding real estate market
  • Acts as a buffer between you and potential buyers/buyer’s agent
  • Negotiates on your behalf for the best deal possible
  • Assists with paperwork
  • Can answer questions before, during, and after closing a deal
For those who are selling a home in Park City, Jensen and Company has over 30 years of experience in the Park City real estate market. With that amount of experience and insight, you are in good hands when you are ready to sell.

Stage Home With Spring Colors

After a long winter, most people are ready to welcome signs of spring. So, when you are selling your home in the spring, try and incorporate spring pastel colors in your home. Some ways you can stage your home with spring colors are:
  • Add pastel throw pillows to your couch
  • Put spring-like light-colored linens on beds
  • Place pastel towels in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Bring in fresh spring flowers in vases

Groom Away Winter Signs On Your Landscaping

To clean away signs of winter—and any leftover winter grime—you should ensure that your landscaping is up to par. From keeping your lawn mowed and trimmed to cleaning out dead leaves and branches, you can boost your home’s curb appeal.
Also, the exterior of your home may benefit from power washing to help clean away any winter grime that may be sticking to it. So, after you have finished with the landscaping, cap off your exterior revitalization with a clean home exterior by having it power washed as well as the driveway.

Add Some Spring Flowers To Your Front Yard

Adding in some spring flowers like daffodils and tulips can help brighten up your landscaping and bring in that lively spring feel. You don’t need to necessarily plant them in your yard unless you have an empty flower bed that needs something in it.
Instead, placing a couple of pots of spring flowers in containers on your porch can have the same effect without you needing to plant the flowers in your yard.

Lay Out An Outdoor Mat and Umbrella Stand

Spring means the weather can change from sunny to rainy back to sunny in a matter of minutes, particularly in the mountains where Park City is located. With mercurial spring weather, you never know if potential homebuyers get caught in a downpour before reaching your home.
To help protect your home from wet footprints being tracked in, add a sturdy outdoor mat for visitors to wipe their feet on as well as an umbrella stand. That way, potential buyers don’t spoil the impression of your spotless home with their muddy/wet footprints.
Your home is unique. So, what you may need to do to sell your home can differ. By working with Jensen and Company, you can receive tailored advice and help with your property’s sale. To learn more about the real estate services you can find with Jensen and Company, feel free to Contact us today! We look forward to helping in any way that we can.

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