Why Using a Realtor Beats ‘For Sale By Owner’

Why Using a Realtor Beats ‘For Sale By Owner’

When it comes to selling your home, there is always the debate of whether you should sell your home on your own or work with a Realtor® to sell your home. There are pros and cons to each option, but overall, working with a Realtor® is by far the best option.

Get Your Home In Front Of More Eyes

It is possible to list a home online and through other outlets on your own to help catch the attention of potential homebuyers. However, a single homeowner won’t have the reach or resources that a professional realtor will have to get your home in front of the most eyes possible.
Here at Jensen and Company, in particular, we work to provide our sellers with the best marketing and visibility possible. From showcasing your home in physical and digital formats to using the extensive marketing channels of Coldwell Banker—our home brokerage—you can be sure that your property will get in front of more eyes than can be managed on your own.

Have A Housing Market Expert’s Help

When you are looking to sell your home, there are many factors to consider. How strong is the current market? Does it favor buyers or sellers? Do you live in a high-demand area, or will you need extra work and time to make your home more appealing? What upgrades will have the greatest return value?
For your normal homeowner, answering these questions can be tough, as it isn’t something you normally think about in your day-to-day life. But when you work with a professional real estate agent, you can benefit from their experience and firsthand knowledge of your housing market to help guide you through the process.

Close At A Higher Sale Price

According to the National Association of Realtors®, the toughest task that homeowners faced when selling their homes on their own was pricing their property. It is not enough to simply go off what homes in your area are selling for when it comes to pricing. Instead, you need to consider factors like desirable locations, age of your property, high-value upgrades, and other elements that can influence what price your home is listed at.
Also, according to statistics from the National Association of Realtors®, homes listed as For-Sale-By-Owner sold on average for $200,000. Contrast that with realtor-assisted home sales, that sold on average for $280,000. Even accounting for the sale commission of your realtor, you can still enjoy a much higher profit margin with the help of a realtor.

Free Up Your Energy And Time

Selling a home on your own can take up a lot of time and energy. From marketing efforts to arranging house viewings, selling your home can be exhausting on top of the work you already do. And, once you have a potential buyer, the work doesn’t end. There is a lot of paperwork associated with selling your home, from drawing up contracts to title transfers.
Instead of splitting your attention, you can leave all the work of selling your home in the hands of an experienced realtor. Your realtor can handle the home showings, marketing, search for professionals like inspectors, and help you know what steps come next in your home selling process. On top of that, you can rely on your realtor’s expertise when it comes to the mountain of paperwork associated with the home buying and selling process.

Allow Your Realtor To Handle Negotiations

Along with managing the time-consuming work associated with selling a home, you can rely on your realtor to act as a middleman when it comes to negotiations. It can be difficult for some homeowners to push for the price they deserve for their home, and emotions can run high.
But with a realtor to act in your place, you can minimize your direct involvement and allow your agent to keep a calm head during negotiations. Also, with the help of an experienced realtor, the negotiation of some variable closing costs may be shifted to the buyer, rather than being covered by you as the seller.

Work With Experienced Realtors At Jensen And Company

All of these benefits are magnified when you work with Jensen and Company. With decades of experience working in the Park City housing market, you can enjoy skilled assistance, whether you are selling your home or looking for the perfect property.
If you are interested in learning more about how Jensen and Company can help you in your home selling process, feel free to contact us today. We look forward to helping you achieve your real estate goals!

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